29 Oct 2020

Cancelation of the agreement with the servicing company

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On October 29, 2020, ERG Capital-3 REIT and the Bulgarian American Management Company EOOD (BAMC) signed an agreement according to which:
– as of 1.11.2020 BAMC submits the accounting documentation to ERG CAPITAL – 3 REIT and will not be responsible for keeping and storing accounting and other reporting and correspondence;
– as of 1.11.2020 to 8.12.2020 BAMC will perform only urgent activities for servicing and maintenance of the acquired real estate, construction and improvements, respectively servicing of the acquired receivables for “ERG CAPITAL – 3” REIT at the explicit request of “ERG CAPITAL – 3” REIT, as on 8.12.2020 BAMC will cease all activity as a servicing company and will hand over to “ERG CAPITAL – 3” REIT all documents in its possession to “IRG CAPITAL – 3” REIT;
The parties confirm that they do not owe and will not owe anything to each other under the Service Company Agreement and its termination and the same ceases to be valid in full as of 8.12.2020.

ERG Capital-3 REIT will convene a General Meeting of Shareholders to approve the agreement and select a new servicing company by December 8, 2020, and according to the REIT will request approval of the new servicing company from the Financial Supervision Commission.